Supporting Seniors

Powering non-profits that help the elderly remain healthy, active, and engaged.


Supporting Seniors

Powering non-profits that help the elderly remain healthy, active, and engaged.

The Wallerstein Foundation for Geriatric Life Improvement

is a non-profit, charitable organization incorporated in the State of New Jersey. Its primary mission is to support qualifying not-for-profit organizations that assist elderly individuals to remain healthy, active and engaged and generally to improve their quality of life. Towards this end, the Foundation will make grants that address the unique needs and social and physical challenges facing senior citizens. In some limited circumstances, the Foundation also will support research on geriatric life improvement.

Areas of Work Supported by the Foundation

Listed below are representative examples of the major categories of work for which the Wallerstein Foundation has provided philanthropic support in recent years. The categories are meant only to be illustrative and do not in any way rule out the possibility of making grants in other related areas.

Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia

The impacts of stoke and its treatment

Research on aging, stroke and dementia

Adult daycare and related activities at congregate activity centers

Home health and wellness programs

Health screening programs for seniors

Food delivery and access to nutritious food for seniors

Equipment to enhance the lives of seniors

Special cultural and other activities for seniors

Transportation and senior mobility

Applying for a Grant

To apply for a grant from the Wallerstein Foundation for Geriatric Life Improvement (hereinafter: The Wallerstein Foundation) an application must be submitted electronically to the following web address:
The application should describe the nature of the proposed program to be undertaken and the specific need or problem to be addressed, as well as the particular outcomes that will be achieved, including quantitative metrics (where appropriate) to measure success.
Given its limited resources, the Wallerstein Foundation is unable to provide general budgetary or endowment support. Rather, it focuses on funding specific projects, related program needs and requirements, and on some occasions supporting research on geriatric issues. After reviewing the information provided in the electronic application, the Foundation may request additional details, including a full line item budget as well as information on other sources of project and organizational support. Site visits also may be undertaken, especially in the case of organizations seeking grants for the first time.
Detailed grant guidelines may be found at the attachment below.